Atlanta Dream vs Dallas Wings July 22, 2016


This was a very tense game and the Atlanta Dream were able to pull it off and bring the WIN back home. Coming into the First Quarter you have the game starting off with Dallas in the lead with two points, after the turnover with Atlanta Dream. Player # 15 Hayes comes from with the first set up points in the quarter with a 3 point shot. Dallas picked up their game scoring 5 points within the same time frame. Then coming back after a rebound having the score 9-3 with Dallas with the lead. Atlanta Dream made a major comeback during the closing out the first quarter with 25-28.

The starting of the second quarter you have a lot of rebounds, fouls, and turnovers. The defense on both teams are super high its very competitive at this point in the game. Player # 35 McCoughtry comes up and pick ups a free throw bring the game at the midway point to 26-30. Dallas began to come back and so does the Dream with 29-35. At this point both player # 23 Clarendon and player # 35 McCoughtry play some hard defense and offense bring forth the score of 31-35. Towards the lader end player # 32 Holmes makes a whoopin 6 points with the help of player # 23 Clarendon assist makes the game 33-38. As the second quarter comes to a close player #21 Gray gets lay up shot bring the score 50-52. After Dallas hit a three point shot having the close of second quarter 52-50.

Starting of the third quarter Atlanta Dream are pumped and ready with the start of player # 23 Clarendon making both free throws bring the Atlanta Dream closer with the scoring of 51-52. With hard plays the middle of the third quarter stands 70-59. Which leads to the close of the third quarter 76-70.

The fourth quarter being pretty intense with no scoring due to the defense on both teams. Then player # 35 McCoughtry comes with two free throws setting the score of the game of 78-74. Then player # 23 Clarendon along with the team bring home with WIN 93-88.

Photo Credit of Getty Images