Atlanta Dream vs Los Angeles Sparks July 17, 2016


JSC_0775JSC_0775We got a W 74-91 this game was pretty tense both the first and second quarters where pretty close, we were still able to pull it through by staying in the mid twenties which help us maintain the lead of the entire game. Player #32  Bria Holmes who in the first quarter as well put in work with 15 points in the game against Sparks. Bria Holmes three within the first quarter really help the lead at that time with 9-13 lead.

By second quarter with player # 23 Layshia Calrendon breaking way through the middle for an awesome shot with 7 minutes left in the second quarter. Within three minutes left she drives to the basket for an incredible shot. Then an amazing three pointer with only two minutes left on the clock.

By third quarter she comes back after a save of the ball from player # 35 Angel McCoughtry from the three point line. Then Bria Holmes were free and she landed a layup for two within the last 16 seconds on the clock from the third quarter. And then another easy shot during fourth quarter within the last minute of the game.

By fourth quarter player #23 Layshia Calrendon comes back with six minutes on the clock with an amazing drive two pointer with 66-75 and she picked up a foul.  Then she came back with another two pointer. After a tip at the three minute mark she gets the ball and head down the court a defense play and a lay up and gain another two points which gives them with the lead of 72-82.  After a Rebound by Player #14 Rachel Hollivay and a layup shot the Dream gain two more points then with player #15 Tiffany Hayes picking up a foul and two free throw s with one going in the dream gain five points.  Then Hayes picked up two free throws for 6 points with only 9 seconds on the clock.

Which brings the Atlanta Dream with the Win against the Los Angeles Sparks 74-91.

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