Atlanta Dreams vs Minnesota Lynx July 20, 2016



Even though the Dream had a tough lost during this game the momentum was still very high  during the first quarter player # 35 McCoughtry with a jump shot to kick of the game. Thereafter a steal by player # 32 Hokmes from Lynx she was able to do another great pass to player # 35 McCoughtry which lead to another two points.  Player # 35 McCoughtry picked up a foul and a free throw which lead the Atlanta Dream to a 5-0 lead. After a rebound a foul Lynx scored their first two points. Then Walden of Lynx made their two free throws and the game was close at 5-4. Player # 23 Clarendon made a two point shot giving the Dream a lead of 7-4. After a few overturns, rebound and free throws the end of the first quarter scoring was 21-14 with the Minnesota Lynx in the lead.

The second quarter blues began when the Atlanta Dream had a tough call getting the ball to go threw the net. Towards mid of the third quarter player # 35 McCoughtry caught a foul scoring one out of the two free throws making the score 15-24. We can say the Minnesota Lynx truly came to play and our team worked hard to try and get the ball in the hoop but defense was so tough just as our which caused so many fouls and turnovers. With the heat being so strong from both side our team worked hard and some times went out of bound to make things happen. Player # 34 Gatling brought her game face towards the middle and end scoring 4 points to make the score 19-24.  With the help of her teammate player # 35 McCoughtry both her and player #34 were able to pick up 9 points closing out the second quarter with 28-40.

Third quarter was a very intense quarter for them player # 15 Hayes worked very hard to get a shot but the ball just wouldnt go inside the net. There after a couple fouls and before we knew it Hayes was being substitute out of the game with  player # 10 Ajavon. Once given the ball player # 10 Ajavon she was able to bring home a layup bring the game up to 30-45. While their was a 15 point game the Atlanta Dream kept pushing for the score to become closer. Player # 32 Holmes then comes forth and pick up two points. Thereafter player # 23 Clarendon pick up a three pointer. Having the score to be 35-47. Now were going up only a 12 point difference now.  After a couple of going back and fourth the third quarter scoring ends with 59-49. We end with only a 10 point difference.

Fourth quarter opening was on fire with an amazing putback and layup shot by player # 14 Hollivay we were able to get 51-59. At this point we are only 8 points away. But, thing took a turn where Minnesota Lynx missed a shot and player # 10 Ajavon pick up a two point free throw with one going in  making it 52-59. Thereafter there were twist and turns with fouls, rebounds, and free throws. Closing the game at 65-83.

Photo Credit to WNBA.