Cooper Damron: New Braves Writer

Trip to Savannah from a while back.

How is it going guys? My name is Cooper and I will be writing for the Atlanta Sports Page. I will be writing about your beloved Atlanta Braves. I’m very excited to write about a sport and team I love so much. I am seeing big things for this young roster in Atlanta.


Anyway, I thought I would tell you guys a little bit about myself. I am currently still in High School at age 16 in Loganville, Georgia. Loganville is a small, but great town in between Atlanta and Athens. I do not have a job but I would love to get one soon. Sports is one of my favorite things. I have played, watched and talked about sports my whole life, and I still play baseball and basketball today. It has been a long 16 years in sports for me because I have yet to see Atlanta wins championship, even though we’ve been so close. Aside from that, I’ve lived a pretty normal life.


Right now, I could not be more excited to write. I have grown up a straight a student, but that never really included writing about things I love. Now that I have the opportunity, I couldn’t be more stoked. I will be working with my fellow Braves writer Jay will to bring you tons of updates about how this astounding season is going. We will update you weekly about how the games went, injuries, anything else you need to know. It will be a fun experience and I’m sure the fans will enjoy the writings! I can’t wait for y’all to see what we have in store for you!