Dalton Gore: The Genesis


Hey Everybody! My name is Dalton Gore, and I will be covering YOUR Atlanta United FC! I am a diehard five stripes fan, born and raised just south of Atlanta in a city called Griffin (shout-out to The Grip). I grew up an absolute FANATIC of all things Atlanta sports, whether it was Rise Up, Chop On, or just being Truuu 2 ATL. However, at the end of the day soccer was the sport that I most cherished, and chose to play throughout my adolescence. After YEARS of growing up without my own team to root for, Atlanta was gifted the best dang MLS team that ever existed (Thanks Uncle Arthur). Now one and a half years into this amazing journey and my love for the beautiful game and this team has grown exponentially! That’s why I’ve made the choice to join the ASP family, to share with five stripes fans all over how much I love our team, and our city! I hope you all find this content to be insightful, useful, challenging, and most importantly EXCITING, because when you’re the Kings of the South, there’s SO MUCH to be excited for! I’m looking forward to our future, cherishing our present, and of course reminiscing on our past, (especially Tito’s howler vs. Orlando…. hehehe) so I invite you to do the same! You can find me at Atlanta Sports Page, along with my new pal Kyle Soto! Coverage, opinions, stories, interviews, and more, all to celebrate our beloved five stripes! Below you can find a little more about myself, you know, just because.

Favorite Player: LGP, gosh he is so funny to me! I love seeing the physicality, the antics (oh, the antics), the fearlessness, the sneaky good offensive contributions, and most importantly the leadership. I really love his game. Runner-up is Josef, it’s the hair man.

Favorite food: Steak… mmmhhhhmmm steak. That is all.

Favorite band: Mumford and Sons (pre-Wilder Mild), also a big Foo Fighters fan (saw both in ATL). Music is another one of my loves so hit me up in that department as well.

Career interests: I’m still in college at the moment, I’m actually a psychology major but I would like to use my degree at some capacity in the world of sports if I get the chance, but I am also interested in journalism (uh…duhhhhhhh).

Hobbies: Attending concerts, watching/attending Atlanta sports games, hanging out with the boys, dates with my lady friend, and playing with my sweet dog Dakota (female black lab).

Favorite Atlanta peeps: Jason Longshore, (the freakin’ G.O.A.T.),Migos, (obviously for tha culture) Julio Jones, Jesse Tuggle, (we share a hometown) and of course Uncle Arthur.


If you ever want to discuss any of these interests with me you can find me on twitter @soccernotfutbo1. I always love connecting with new people and talking about steak, if that’s what you’re into. But whatever, hope you enjoy!

P.S. you can find me on Patreon @ https://www.patreon.com/DaltonGore