The Falcons can still win The NFC South


The Atlanta Falcons took care of business against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and ended the NFC South foe’s two-game winning streak. The team they needed to see drop a game this week was the New Orleans Saints — and that’s exactly what happened. Carolina nearly lost but was able to get the win. Do you know who The New Orleans Saints and The Carolina Panthers play this week? Each other. Which makes this upcoming game for The Falcons against The Minnesota Vikings that much more important. The Falcons could easily run away with The NFC South Division title in my opinion… here’s how.

The loser of New Orleans/Carolina will fall into a 2nd Place tie with Atlanta.. provided Atlanta wins against Minnesota. If Atlanta loses.. it drops them to third place with two games to make up on the division leader. Minnesota is an extremely important game for Atlanta to win because while all the focus seems to be on the number of division games left to close out the season for Atlanta… The focus should be on the Minnesota game. This game is the difference between one and three games back with only five games left to play.

The Saints came into the week with an eight-game win streak, but they lost to the Los Angeles Rams 26-20. Carolina was the only quality opponent during this streak that The New Orleans Saints played.. unless you count Detroit. The Carolina/New Orleans game will be a revenge game for the Panthers this week but again, a New Orleans victory will give the Saints undisputed control of the division.

If Atlanta can take advantage of the small opening and opportunity that that the Rams have given them.. a victory against Minnesota would be crucial to making things a bit easier for the Falcons down the stretch. After playing the Minnesota Vikings, they will then play the Saints, Bucs, Saints and then the Panthers to close out the season. We all know that divisional games are always hotly contested. A Minnesota win gives Atlanta some margin for error, not much but some. A Minnesota loss gives them none at all. #RiseUp