Falcons vs. Cowboys: Who Would Win?


The Falcons are flying high this year with the most explosive offense in the NFL. Julio Jones is once again leading the league in receiving yards, Matt Ryan has had his name thrown around in MVP talks, and Taylor Gabriel has made a fool of the Browns for releasing him prior to the season. No one is questioning Atlanta’s ability to put up points. But how would they stack up against the #1 team in the league, the Dallas Cowboys? Now, I understand that they do not play each other during the regular season. But, with both teams on the cusp of making the playoffs, one can only wonder what a possible playoff matchup would look like.

The Stats:

Lets look at the defenses first. Atlanta has the #26th ranked defense and is allowing an average of 282 yards through the air and 99 yards rushing per game. Dallas on the other hand has the 21st ranked defense and is allowing an average 280 passing yards and 82 yards on the ground per game. Although there is not too much difference between the two defenses, Atlanta allows 7 more points per gam on average.

Now, on to the offenses. Atlanta is throwing for 303 yards per game and 108 yards with an average of 33 points per game. Dallas is right behind Atlanta with 250 passing yards and 157 yards rushing with an average of 28 points.

The Advantages:

Falcons: The Falcons have a multitude of weapons. Julio, Mohammud Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, Levine Toilolo, Austin Hooper, Aldrick Robinson, Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman, and yes even Patrick DiMarco. The amount of weapons the Falcons have make it nearly impossible to stop them. And the best part, is that Matt Ryan knows how to get ball into everyone’s hands. This is unlike the Cowboys who have Elliot and maybe Dez Bryant? The defensive mind of Head Coach Dan Quinn should help the defense put a bit of a damper on the Cowboys running game.

Cowboys: The Cowboys have one of the BEST O-Lines in the league and also the extremely dynamic combo of Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott. And with the offensive line opening holes, it could be a long game for the Falcons defense.

The Matchup:

Based on the statistics, the teams seem pretty even. Both teams are fantastic on offense and terrible on defense, but this could make for a fantastic shootout and give everyone the game they dreamed of. Statistically the Cowboys win this one by 2 points. But I would never count out Matty Ice and the Dirty Birds.

*All stats were taken from ESPN.com 

*Cover photo from CBS