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Bryant Roberts: Joining The Brotherhood

Hello, all Atlanta sports fans, my name is Bryant Roberts and I will be one of the writers for the Atlanta Falcons here at ASP! My goals here as a Falcons writer are to bring all of the fans great content as far as player reviews, game previews, positives/negatives from the previous games and all breaking news to deal with the brotherhood.


A little bit about me personally, I am originally from the Cartersville, Ga are and I am a huge Atlanta Sports fan, especially a die-hard Falcons Fan! I have been watching sports ever since I could remember and have been to quite a few Braves/Hawks games, but only one Falcons game (vs Arizona in 2016). My favorite all time Falcons would probably have to Tony G or Jessie Tuggle (Played college ball at VSU, where I will be attending). My current favorite Falcons are Debo and Julio (Regardless of his current situation). I am currently going to school to become a teacher and plan on moving back to the Atlanta area so I am able to attend more sporting events! My main goal in life is to coach at the NFL level and bring whichever city I coach a championship (unless it's New Orleans lol). I am only 19 years old and hopefully I am able to see every team in the city bring home a championship at some point in the future. My favorite falcon moment would have to be either the 2016 NFC Championship or this past season when Debo made the game saving pick in the end zone versus the Aints. The worst moment would have to be, well you know, don't have to go into great detail with that.


I will forever be a Falcons fan, no matter the outcome, and more importantly, I will always be an Atlanta sports fan! I will take pleasure in delivering great quality content to the Atlanta community and as always, Rise Up