Hawks vs. Bulls


What. A. Game. The Hawks have made a routine out of winning the close games this

year, which doesn’t seem right because before this season the Hawks had never won the

big ones. This season, however, Dennis Schröder, Paul Millsap, Tim Hardaway, and

the entire Hawks team must have injected some ice into their veins, because hitting

clutch shots has become routine for them. They have been extremely frustrating all

season long, at times looking like world beaters, and at other points looking like

they don’t belong in the NBA, but often when it matters most, they come through.

This game against the Bulls was a perfect example.

The Hawks were down the entire game, trailing by double digits multiple

times, including the fourth quarter. Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade combined for a

ridiculous 73 points, but the Hawk’s team play overcame those incredible

performances. With three minutes to go the Hawks were down ten and the Chicago

crowd, and probably the team, thought they were going to get the win. The Hawks

on the other hand, had different plans. Millsap, Schröder, and Hardaway Jr. all hit

threes in the span of a minute to close the gap to one point and silence the crowd.

Then Schröder got the Hawks their first lead of the game with a blow-by layup, and

the Hawks never let up after that. Dwight Howard threw down an alley-oop and the

team knocked down some big free throws to ice the game and stun everyone in the


Remember when people began calling the Hawks the “Spurs of the East?” It

seems like that has kind of died down a little, but this game reminded everyone why

Atlanta got that nickname. Every starter scored at least 16 points, with Millsap and

Schröder both surpassing 20 points. Hardaway also added 17 points off of the bench

for a complete team win. The team shot an awesome 17-30 from 3-point range,

many of them off of an impressive 29 assists. The Hawks scored 41 in the fourth

quarter en route to one of the most exciting, energizing, and confidence-boosting

wins of the season.


Final score:

Hawks: 119

Bulls: 114