It’s a New Season



It’s a New Season…. And we’re still breathing. I got a really big team and we need some really big rings.~ Drake

This song has been stuck in my head ever since the start of the Atlanta Falcons training camp. As a lifelong Falcons fan.. I can’t remember a new football season that I wanted to hurry and get started more than this one. The Atlanta Falcons are coming off of a heartbreaking Super Bowl loss…but they’re not letting that stop them or slow them down. And as fans.. I know that we’re ready to see our guys back out on the field.

Today in the middle of Atlantic Station right in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, Ga.. Falcons fans gathered on a warm and sunny Friday afternoon… right ahead of the impending hurricanes headed towards the East coast..and just two days before the Atlanta Falcons are set to kick off the 2017 a calm before the storm if you will. They rallied. They showed up to show support for their team. That’s what real fans do. These guys go hard for the city of Atlanta and nothing makes me happier than seeing all different kinds of people come together to cheer on our favorite team.

This offseason has been filled with countless Super Bowl jokes about the Falcons “blowing their lead”. It’s been tough to defend. But as a diehard fan… that’s what you do. That’s what many of us have had to do. There’s no doubt in my mind that’s it’s fueled the fire of our players because no matter how much you try to ignore it… it was still there. However, that’s now OLD NEWS. It’s a new day, a new season, and we’re still breathing! I, like so many Falcons fans expect our guys to pick right back up where they left off… but with even more firepower and weapons to boot! The confidence that I have in my team is through the roof. As a lifelong fan.. I’ve seen a few owners, a few stadiums and a few Quarterbacks come through our city. There’s no doubt in my mind that we have the best owner, the best coaching staff and front office, the best quarterback and the best team that we’ve ever had. Let the season begin! #RiseUp #FILA