New Atlanta Hawks Writer Jeff Williams


Hey everyone, my name is Jeff Williams and I, along with Anais, will be covering the Atlanta Hawks for Atlanta Sports Page. I am a Senior chemistry major at Temple University, planning to go to pharmacy school once I graduate. However, even if it’s not what I am going to school for, my passion has always been sports. I played practically every sport that I could from the time I could walk and have always read every scrap of sports media that I could get my hands on.

I grew up in Chapel Hill, NC and with that lining up with the Charlotte Hornet’s hiatus, became a fan of the team that was closest to me, which happened to be the Hawks. I followed the team casually through the Josh Smith and Joe Johnson years, remembering Smith’s dunk contest win and Zaza’s declaration that “Nothing easy!”. The year I became a serious Hawks fan was when they snuck into the playoffs as the eighth seed with a losing record without Al Horford in 2014. I remember watching intently as a team starting Pero Antic gave the Indiana Pacers all they could handle for seven games, thinking that with a healthy Al the team would be a force the next year. That year, my senior year of high school, is history. You know it just as well as I do; the 19-game win streak, Kyle Korver jamming twice, sixty wins, Horford’s tip-in winner against the Wizards, and the disappointing ending to the season. This year, I began to enjoy digging deeper into advanced statistics to explain this team’s success without a traditional superstar.

Since then, even though the Hawks haven’t trotted out a team quite as good, I have done everything I can to keep up with the team; poring over basketball reference trying to better understand what I saw on the court. This is the team that I have grown up watching and have become obsessed with. I can’t wait to cover them for ASP so that fans like me have a better way to become more involved with the team.