One Last Glance At Turner Field


In 2017 the Braves will begin a new chapter at SunTrust Park. From 1997 to 2016 Turner Field served as the home of the Atlanta Braves. Those 20 years were full of both ups and downs, but overall Braves fans wouldn’t have The Ted any other way. It all started in ’97 when the Braves finished their regular season with the outstanding record of 101-61. This placed them number one in the NL east. They carried that momentum to sweep the Houston Astros 3-0 in the NL Division Series. Sadly, that year came to an end when the Braves lost the NL Championship series 4-2 to the Miami Marlins. In the third year at Turner field (’99), the Braves finished their regular season at 103-59, and went on to make it to the World Series!  So, for those of you that think Turner field wasn’t a success because of 0 World Series wins, you may want to think again. It’s not always the championship trophy that defines a ballpark’s legacy.

Braves First year at Turner Field

Atlanta continued to shine through the early years at Turner Field, having won the division title 9 times in a row at The Ted before the streak finally ended in 2005. The major-league record for most division titles won consecutively is 14, and held by the Braves! This is quite an accomplishment considering the team that holds second to that (The New York Yankees) is all the way down at only 8 games. However, if you look at the years 2005-2016 for the Braves it’s probably hard for you to see any sort of light in those seasons. Atlanta only made it to the wildcard and won the division (2012) one time throughout those years. Also, in the past couple of years there were trades that sent players away such as Andrelton Simmons, Jason Heyward, and Craig Kimbrel, which dampened the overall fan spirit of the team. Even though the Ted’s final seasons may not have ended like we all would have hoped, that still can’t take away the ballpark’s numerous accomplishments.

Chipper Jones giving a farewell to all the fans at Turner Field

The most important question of all is what do the Braves have in store for the future? SunTrust Park is where the new chapter for the Atlanta Braves begins. With rumors swirling about prospects such as Dansby Swanson, Ozzie Albies, and numerous pitchers that may debut in 2017, it is possible the Braves could pull off another worst to first year. The way the team chemistry looked towards the final games at Turner field, it doesn’t seem unrealistic for the team to carry that momentum into their new home. After all, there must be some team chemistry involved to win 8 out of your last 10 games. April 3rd, 2017, the Braves will have their first opportunity to show case what they were able to build upon from their 2016 season. The braves will take on the New York Mets in their first game of the year!


SunTrust Park


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