Vic Beasley RETURN To The DE Position





With the acquisition of Duke Riley and others back active on our 53-man roster, coach Dan Quinn said he expects our raining sack leader Vic Beasley to go back to his natural position of being an edge rusher and wreak havoc on opposing teams backfields. As many of you know Beasley has been playing a lot of SAM linebacker since coming off of his hamstring injury.

In the past six weeks after Beasley recovered from his own injury, he found himself having to drop back in coverage more than ever and setting the edge against the run due to the linebacker role. With rookie linebacker Duke Riley out with a torn MCL, it shifted De’Vondre Campbell from strong side to weak side linebacker and Beasley to strong side backer, which he played exceptionally, even though it took away snaps at the defensive end position.

With Riley coming back off injury, it puts everything back to normal with Beasley back at the defensive end position where the D-line has had a significant drop off of sack fumbles which Coach Dan Quinn feels confident that Beasley can improve. Last year, Beasley forced six fumbles and all of them from sacks, and one that he took to the the end zone last year against the rams.